About The Program

 Sixth Season of Kid's Tag Art Begins - $20,000 Raised for Martin Elementary Schools

Art education is often underestimated by those who believe that only analytical concepts like math and literature are important for children's development. To learn about the world, children have to learn not only through the numbers and text but through arts, which teaches interpretation, creativity, and beneficial usage of visual information. 

Recent studies show that art education not only strengths problem-solving and critical thinking skills, but also enhances personal growth. By producing original works, children enjoy the time spent on the piece of art, have a sense of pride in one's accomplishments and develop self-confidence. When kids are encouraged to express themselves, they become part of the process that creates a society seeking new ways and improvements. There is a strong proven correlation between children's participation in the art classes and their academic achievements. 

Realizing the importance of arts education and budget cuts in art education curriculum, Martin County Tax Collector, Ruth "Ski" Pietruszewski, implemented the Kids Tag Art program. Kids Tag Art not only enhances art education but also elevates the conversation about the importance of creative expression as a part of a curriculum and developing creative problem-solving skills in children. Creative problem-solving skills is the number one skill Fortune 500 firms look for when hiring. This project also teaches about Florida's specialty plates and the worthy causes that plates support. 

"My staff and myself had the ability to quickly think and come up with solutions to navigate the pandemic and operate and process services which took our office through the crisis and were financially able to fund critical services. If we had not processed those critical problem-solving skills, it would have been a different story. We excelled during the pandemic and provided excellent service and funded all critical services."

Children from the 5th grade design their own front license plates that later can be purchased by the general public. Children win awards for different categories, such as "Behind the Badge", "Life is Better by the Water", "Wagging Tail", "Principal's Award", "Award of Distinction", and "Tax Collector's Choice". All art submitted, NOT just winners are available for purchase. Each design can be ordered in the style of a vanity license plate; the styles are for vehicle and bicycles, and may include key chains, depending on your selection. This unique fundraising project brings together students, teachers, and local businesses, and serves as a supplement funding art program in participating schools. This is our sixth season, and with 100% of the proceeds going back to schools, over $20,000 has been raised and given to the elementary schools in Martin County. We thank and appreciate our sponsors: Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute, Seacoast Bank, Art Council of Martin County, Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast, Grant Street Group, Humane Society of Treasure Coast, Nancy's Pizza, Motor Cars of Stuart, Publix, and O'Donnell Impact Windows and Storm Protection.